The Men Guide to Anti-Aging

The Men Guide to Anti-Aging

How to take care of your skin as a man
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“Testosterone cause men’s skin to be 25% thicker than women’s, which leads to a higher concentration of collagen and elastin. Shaving is a factor for irritated male skin. For both reasons it is important to implement the right ingredients to your male skincare routine.” Dr. Timm Golueke



Phytoactive Serum
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Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, that keeps your skin looking firm and healthy.



Phytoactive Illuminating Ampoules
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Niacinamide fortifies the skin’s natural barrier and can be a great problem solver for sensitive skin types.



Phytoactive Cream
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Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture and improves texture, creating a protective barrier for the skin for a plumper, more supple (and therefore wrinkle-less) appearance.


AHA´s & BHA´s

Phytoactive Skin Perfecting Essence
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Exfoliation is key. Both ingredients helping the skin to appear brighter and smoother while ensuring better penetration of effective skincare ingredients.


The good news is that you don’t need a ton of products in your men cabinet but a simple preventive routine will help maintain a youthful looking complexion, therefore using a SPF is a must in every age. As soon as you start experiencing signs of aging, it is time to start stepping up your routine with good anti-aging ingredients like Retinol.